deep semantic search
  • search using words, cut and paste whole sentences or paragraphs, or match whole articles

  • create personalized subject channels from any search result with one click

  • get alerts automatically when new relevant papers are published

  • automatically learns your personal interests with simple like/dislike ratings

  • instantly share papers and even whole subject channels with your colleagues is a deep semantic search and matching tool that is much more useful for searching complex, nuanced data such as scientific literature.

For all that they’ve become an integral part of our online lives, there are many problems with keyword based search tools:

  • It takes hours to create multi-line Boolean queries that either get no hits or leave you wading through hundreds of irrelevant documents
  • You have to know what question to ask and how to ask it before you can find the right articles
  • You don’t know what else is out there, or where what you know fits into the bigger picture
  • To keep updated you have to type in the same long-winded query every time’s semantic discovery engine is fundamentally different and is designed specifically for biomedical researchers to solve these problems. Its deep semantic engine provides powerful and easy to use new tools to cut through the noise and get straight to the papers you need. It finds papers that PubMed and Google Scholar don’t, and it’s incredibly easy to use even for very complex searches.

With the harder the query and deeper you want to get into the science, the easier it is to use. Just keep adding words to your query – in any order, as many times as you like. Found a great abstract? – just copy, paste and search. No formatting, no brackets, no ANDs or ORs. Have 15 papers you think define a field? – just drag and drop them into the query box, find the best matches, create a channel and send alerts to the whole team automatically when matching papers become available. will find the best overall match to the semantic profile of your query without you having to learn complex query languages or create multi-line queries to try to add every synonym or MeSH term into the query. is available in 3 forms:

  • the public website ( hosting the public biomedical literature (PubMed)
  • the public website ( scraping news stories from over 30,000 RSS feeds worldwide
  • an enterprise-scale deep semantic search engine, which can be delivered behind your firewall. is ideal for managing your journals, reports and filings as well as unstructured corporate data. The engine is optimized for the use of GPUs, is horizontally scalable to huge document sets, and has automated document discovery & scraping platforms, and incremental indexing to enable near real-time addition of new documents as they are published. life science uses RowAnalytics’ powerful deep semantic indexing and search engine, which has been used for:

  • semantic searching of textual data such as biomedical literature, legal text, patents and news
  • automated creation and maintenance of ontologies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies and knowledge graphs
  • semantic searching of image databases to identify pictures that ‘look like’ other images