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RACE CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

The smartest, most scalable and lowest maintenance CPQ solution available

The RACE CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution, developed in conjunction with RuleStore in Denmark, enables companies to create models of how their product components, supply chain, assembly process and other related workflows operate together and through that to identify and price viable product combinations.

formerly SugarStore

RuleStore is our key strategic and implementation partner for the RACE CPQ Solution

RowAnalytics Constraint Engine

The RACE Engine and RACE API technologies has been used to build powerful and cost-effective product configuration and CPQ systems for 20 years. Major international companies in the consumer electronics, automotive, marine, professional laundry and food preparation industries use RACE based configurators to specify and price their product ranges.

Configuration, quoting and ordering of complex and comprehensive products and services can be a tedious, error-prone and time-consuming process. Not only for the end-user but also for the people maintaining the logic and rules.

To solve these challenges RowAnalytics have together with our CPQ development and implementation partner, RuleStore, developed and bundled a feature rich CPQ solution that enables you to work smarter, faster and eliminate errors – and increase the hitrate of your quotes.

Supported with a wide range of large scale industry implementations running day by day for the last more than 20 years, we know for sure one thing about configuration. Maintenance. Maintenance is the crucial activity in any configuration project and is the key component in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That’s why we have designed our Microsoft award winning and patented configuration technology to ensure the lowest possible TCO through a wide range of superior features:

  • Non-code: We enable business professionals to create and maintain logic and rules without ever need to learn programming or involve IT experts. With this approach we enable the source to the business knowledge to instantly accommodate any changes in the market, products, pricing, processes, etc. without ever have to consult IT experts
  • Scalability: We can handle the most complex and comprehensive products and services with thousands of interfering parameters that can be customized for every configuration and quote. At the same time we ensure that the creation and maintenance is second to none even for large scale product portfolios.
  • Pre-determination of all combinations: Before you release anything, all combinations will be pre-determined, validated and verified thereby eliminating costly and time consuming errors and mistakes. Even more important, the predetermination enable end-users to start anywhere in the selection process with a unique guidance and automatically resolution of conflicting choices.
  • Re-use legacy data and rules: Our technology can easily be integrated or even embedded with legacy systems within ERP, CRM, and PLM/PDM to ensure the best user experience and single point of data maintenance. Not only data but also rules and logic already created and maintained in the legacy systems can be re-used

The bundled feature rich CPQ solution is easily customized to accommodate the various needs of both SME and large-scale enterprises. Customization, implementation, integration and hosting services are executed by our CPQ partner RuleStore.