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At an invitation only lunch hosted by Meridian IT and IBM, Steve Gardner, CEO, RowAnalytics will speak about running precisionlife‘s new advanced analytics and AI technologies on the IBM Minsky platform to identify and apply complex multi-modal signatures of disease risk and therapy response. Steve will discuss new techniques for integrating large scale imaging, genomics, phentotypic and clinical data and identifying combinations of features associated with disease.

Matt Rosen, PhD, from Martinos Center for Medical Imaging, will also speak about the promise of Neural Networks and AI to interpret MRI data. He hopes to dramatically reduce costs for MRIs by moving to a robust compute interpretation system.

IBM will present their Reference Architecture for High Performance Data Analytics and IBM and Meridian’s work to build cost effective, scalable systems exploiting the unique features of AI implementation on IBM OpenPOWER to enable rapid AI development; drastically reducing time to value and improving patient outcomes.