Snapshot Molecular Modeling Tri-Conference Feb 12-14, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 25 years since this conference was first launched. And, no surprise, somehow both adages of “everything changes but somehow everything stays the same” and “

The event kicked off with a plenary by Leroy Hood, PhD, an icon in the field. He offered a thought-provoking overview of the digitalization of personal health measurements and the accessibility of this data. He also proposed a shift towards optimizing wellness as the new north star for healthcare.

One theme carried throughout the conference – the over-riding need to harness the massive amounts of data being generated in the field. It was reported that healthcare is consuming more data storage than any other industry, even more than film. This is an astonishing claim and underscores the need for efficient and innovative analytics solutions.

Like many others, RowAnalytics attended and exhibited at the conference. Many scientists have struggled with the complexity of constructing a meaningful Boolean query to find scientific articles. Others have lamented how they missed important articles because, unbeknownst at the time, they searched for new articles using the wrong keywords. We launched our crowd-sourcing project to enable scientists to define the final version of our precisionlife SEARCH product. Scientists were invited to register at to give precisionlife SEARCH a whirl and test first-hand how easy it is to drag’n’drop whole abstracts or papers into the search query and let the A.I. find engine construct the query for you and return hits that would have otherwise been missed. Our deep semantic technology matches documents by concepts, not keywords, so the result set returned is enriched and enables scientists to stay current in their field as well as peripherally around it by being alerted to related research efforts beyond their own core focus.

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