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Meet Our Team

When Steve & Gert joined forces back in 2013, they shared a vision to bring a new level of analytical capability to computational biology and healthcare, building on over 20 years’ experience each in delivering new technologies and products to enable the discovery of richer and more useful links between disease and risk.
Dr Steve Gardner
Dr Steve GardnerChief Executive Officer
Steve is the visionary, a multi-disciplinary scientist who brings together cutting edge biology and chemistry with advanced computing tools.

Never afraid to innovate, Steve has over 25 years’ experience building teams to develop and commercialize ground breaking data science and informatics applications in life science and healthcare. He has gained experience working at senior levels in the UK, EU and US for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Steve is a former Global Director of Research Informatics for Astra A/B and has consulted with drug discovery and safety teams in over 20 biopharma companies. He was CEO of Synomics Ltd and led teams in Oxford Molecular, Viaken, BioWisdom and Cresset Biomolecular, supplying innovative drug discovery tools. He was involved in Oxford Molecular’s IPO and acquisition of 11 international businesses. Steve has raised significant venture and
non-dilutive funding for multiple businesses in the US and UK. He is an Advisory Council member for Breast Cancer Now and UKCRC.

Dr Gert L. Møller
Dr Gert L. MøllerChief Scientific Officer
He has invented and developed new array-based solutions, which are the foundation of two of RowAnalytics’ core technologies.

Gert is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience of driving new innovations in AI, precision medicine and digital health by combining novel but proven software technologies. He is the principal inventor on our patents for the RACE technologies and has won a number of major awards for his innovations. He began applying RACE in 1996 across a range of industry specific and safety critical applications including product configuration (CPQ), nuclear power plant design, consumer electronics and railroad planning system. Via collaborators and scientists, engineers and commercial experts, Gert has also helped solve challenges in clinical genomics and bioinformatics including how to efficiently conduct whole genome studies based on multiple combinations of SNPs or other markers.

Dr Véronique Bouchet
Dr Véronique BouchetChief Medical Officer
Véronique is the medical expert and strategic thinker with an in-depth understanding and experience of the pharmaceutical, biotech and digital health sectors.

Veronique has over 30 years’ international experience in healthcare, gained across a broad range of functions and industry sectors. She is a former director of corporate strategy and head of venture strategy at AstraZeneca, where she was responsible for global corporate venturing activities, including the creation and $40M financing of the company’s first spinout, Albireo Pharma. She has also held posts in clinical research, licensing, M&A, venture capital and the NHS. This varied experience has given her an in- depth understanding of what is required to translate cutting edge science into commercial reality. Veronique is a non-executive director of International Biotechnology Trust plc. and of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of Breast Cancer Now, and of the Council and Finance and Investment Committee of Queen Mary University London.

Dr Serdar Uckun
Dr Serdar UckunCOO, Head US Operations
Serdar is the lateral thinker who can bridge the technology “left brain” of the company with the biology “right brain” to drive the company’s operational strategy.

Serdar is a seasoned technology executive with a diverse background in medicine, biomedical engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence. He has worked with the best and brightest in large aerospace companies to start-ups, and from premier corporate labs to outstanding government R&D organizations. His career has taken him to the West Coast (Silicon Valley) and East Coast (Cambridge, MA) of the US as well as recent international consulting roles in the UK, Israel, and Japan. Serdar is passionate about making a lasting impact on people’s lives by helping understand and manage complex diseases. He brings his vast experience and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines together with a deep network of professional connections to solve all of RowAnalytics’ operational problems.

Dr Marcin Pawlowski
Dr Marcin PawlowskiCTO, Head Polish Operations
Marcin is the builder. As the Head of Polish Operations, Marcin builds and leads a dream R&D team of the best and the brightest data scientists and bioinformaticians.

Marcin has been involved in the core development of most of the RowAnalytics’ technologies. He has hands-on expertise of the design, development and deployment of a multitude of technologies, ranging from trading systems, bioinformatics and data science. Marcin is extremely well connected to Polish and European bioinformatics and data science communities. Following graduation from the University of Warsaw, his PhD focused on applying AI methods in structural bioinformatics. During his postdoctoral research at Mathematical Medicine, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH, Marcin worked on multiple projects that combined next generation sequencing, statistics, bioinformatics and biomedical research. Marcin is passionate about bringing his experience and expertise to the delivery of precision medicine.

Dr Arvind Hundal
Dr Arvind HundalVP, Business Development
Arvind is the commercial story teller, translating the technical stuff into a simple description of what science does and its potential for improving patient health.

Arvind is a scientist who crossed over to the business side of the healthcare industry and has in depth understanding of early drug discovery and what biotech companies need to do to commercialise their scientific research. Arvind has an international background from the UK, the Nordics and US and extensive experience gained in both the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors across multiple therapy areas. She has large pharma research and business development experience from Roche and AstraZeneca, where she was involved in spinning out Albireo Pharma. As CBO for a number of biotech companies, she has been involved in the IPO of the Danish Biotech company Zealand Pharma and the acquisition of Ziarco, a Pfizer UK spinout, by Novartis. Arvind has also closed a number of in and out licensing deals, raised investments and secured grants for emerging start-ups in the UK and Denmark.